Networking – Your Business Needs You!

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Amy Purser

Networking. A word that can strike fear into many business owners because it directly confronts our imposter syndrome and we worry that we’ll be “caught” as a “fraud”. The stereotype of networking is a big room, full of hard-nosed business men and women in sharp suits with little time to chat once they figure out you’re of little value to their business goals.
It’s just not like this any more.

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good one, you can change the meaning of tangled…


I look into your eyes to find,

a place where I can resist.

Beloved soul there is something about,

the way you look at me that calls to me.


Tangled up with you forever,

lost within the thoughts,

thoughts of you and I intertwinted,

holding one another in the darkness.


Tangled up with you,

my heart found in you a kind spirit,

my heart found in you a captivating soul,

and I fall headlong into love with you!


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Women in dark

  Hello viewers, I hope you all are well I am back with my new article on this auspicious occasion of International women’s day. Women’s are mirror of our society there is no definition to describe a women, because they are undefined, unusual , extraordinary and so on.  But nowadays meaning is changed they are... Continue Reading →


    Body is incomplete without soul.. Life is incomplete without prayer.. Beauty is near to heart... Prayer is near to god... Prayer never goes wrong if your way is right... If you are not believe in miracle, prayer is not for you... Prayer is a silent killer to achieve everything in life.. Keep praying... Continue Reading →

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