How to make money

Greetings for all viewers, I am back after a span of time, Today I want to tell you how to make money from home, we are living in a era of digital media, internet marketing, online shopping we are surrounded by mobile, laptops, tablet and so on. But we don't know we have a huge... Continue Reading →


    Body is incomplete without soul.. Life is incomplete without prayer.. Beauty is near to heart... Prayer is near to god... Prayer never goes wrong if your way is right... If you are not believe in miracle, prayer is not for you... Prayer is a silent killer to achieve everything in life.. Keep praying... Continue Reading →

Do you think heavy school bags delivered heavy knowledge

Right now kids are bombarded with heavy school bags carried heavy books and copies and they go to school for education but heavy bags don’t delivered education they delivered occupational disease to children’s they are suffering from spinal disease, backache, shoulder pain because they carry a huge weight at shoulders and this is a burden... Continue Reading →


  Pre- pregnancy is foremost and most important process this is a foundation of pregnancy it is a special time because you planned for a baby, so I give you some useful information about pre-pregnancy, I hope this will meaningful. Stop birth control pills before you getting pregnant, it may affect your pregnancy period. Go... Continue Reading →

During Pregnancy

This blog is dedicated to all pregnant women's I hope this will help in your pregnancy. Pregnancy is the most critical and critical process for every women, they need special attention and care. Body will go through a lot of changes. Some common symptoms of during pregnancy is-: Fatigue-: Most of the women’s are feel... Continue Reading →

Health & Nutrition

Nutrition is not you eat chunks of food, is it all about eat right. Start your day with healthy breakfast can't skip it, start your day with full of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Go green: Start eating green vegetables like spinach, coriander, cabbage, broccoli, cucumber and so on. It contain good amount of vitamins and... Continue Reading →

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