Fir wahi se shuru karte hain …





Jhaank apne bheetar……

Tu parvat hai koi patthar nahi, jise koi bhi uthaake fek de…
Kyu harna zindagi se…
Kyu shikayat karna kisi se..
Chahe jitni bhi ho muskilen..

Fir wahi se shuru karte hain..



Kyu bethna kisi ke bharose…
Khud pe Vishwas rakh…

Ped bhi tho khada reheta hai toofan mei…
Tu vo ped hai jise na aandhi gira saaki hai na tufan ujaad saka hai…
Hai tujh mei bohot dam
Fir wahi se shuru karte hain..




Mat beth kundli or haatho ki lakeero ke bharose…

Tu ek baar chahke tho dekh…
Khuda se maang ke tho dekh…
Tere aage khuda bhi natmastak ho jaega….
Or tu Jo chahega tujhe vo sab mil jaega…
Kyu bethna kisi ke bharose….
Chal fir wahi se shuru karte hain…


good one, you can change the meaning of tangled…


I look into your eyes to find,

a place where I can resist.

Beloved soul there is something about,

the way you look at me that calls to me.


Tangled up with you forever,

lost within the thoughts,

thoughts of you and I intertwinted,

holding one another in the darkness.


Tangled up with you,

my heart found in you a kind spirit,

my heart found in you a captivating soul,

and I fall headlong into love with you!


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Subconscious mind is a gift of nature…


Introduction about article:

It is a mind opening and life changing article for everyone trust me,  I will tell you some techniques about subconscious mind, how it works and how can use your brain up to 60 to 70% . How can you change your mindset, how can live a piece full to peaceful life, also tell you about power of inner self or higher self, and the most important thing is how can you control the most powerful thing is called “BRAIN” so read it and start implement it….

Working of conscious mind:

See conscious and subconscious mind both are vice-a-versa from each other, conscious mind work on logical thinking it is a mixture of emotions, intelligence, humour and so on. Whatever you think, whatever you do consciously, it comes from conscious mind it control your body, gives you energy and stamina.

Working of subconscious mind:

Subconscious mind is a fool it works only on emotions, dreams, sense, it react according to outer world it makes you as well as breaks you. We are not aware about the power of our subconscious mind it is a most prized gift of nature. You don’t you can do wonders from the power of subconscious mind. I will tell you what can you do pay Attention and understand properly, Connect your subconscious mind to universe and imagine what you want in your life just imagine visually, feel it and hear it in yo
ur mind it is called self hypnosis. And be clear what you want and what you don’t. Don’t mix the negative and positive feelings and don’t be confused anyway. When you start
thinking, your subconscious mind makesub-con-mind.jpgs it possible everything whatever you want in your life, it doesn’t matter is negative or positive, big or small because
it works on emotions it can be right or wrong doesn’t matter.  When you start thinking your Reticular activating system is activated it sent signal to our body, this is the most, most powerful tool of subconscious mind.  For example-: If you are ill and you said I want to heal I want disease free life so subconscious mind start heal your body, so you can do everything in your life from the help of subconscious mind, choose your thoughts wisely and carefully. Our body is made of five elements like-: Air, Water, Akash, Earth, Fire so when you think these five elements start working for you and you can achieve everything.

Change your mindset according to situation:
First repair your inner self image don’t be a self eater, stop living in past, stop blaming yourself. According to survey 90% peoples are live in past as well as self eaters, don’t react with the same mindset in every situation. Change your thinking, it is the most difficult thing for most of the people, change the pattern of thinking. There are two types of thinking one is structured and the other one is pattern.  Pattern thinking gives you worry, anxiety, hopelessness it sent back to you in past, you can worry about future, if you are a pattern thinker your mindset is same in every situation you are a self eater. Structured thinking gives you happiness, you can think at macro level ,understand problems quickly ,you are a happy person .You can easily change your past imprints, you can erase your negative emotions, bad memories, unwanted thoughts. You will easily create a good metaphor with yourself…



Start meditation:

Do meditation on daily basis. Only meditation is the tool to control your mind and it really works, the power of meditation is not describe in words. Control your mind either mind will control you…


Change you thoughts change your life, start believe in yourself..

Women in dark



Hello viewers, I hope you all are well I am back with my new article on this auspicious occasion of International women’s day.

Women’s are mirror of our society there is no definition to describe a women, because they are undefined, unusual , extraordinary and so on.  But nowadays meaning is changed they are helpless, sad, pitiful. Oh! Suddenly you think what I am saying ,but this is truth. She is a symbol of light but she is in dark, they understand everything but she is quiet. Words are insufficient to explain how they suffer.


I don’t think today is a “HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY” because nobody can see the dark side of women  they hide their tears they can’t express her sadness so everybody can thought wow she is so happy and her life is perfect. But they have suffer more than any one else , they are molested, raped, teased by near ones, because of illiteracy and narrow minded thinking.  Women’s are the best creation of god but they won’t be able to create our own world, they don’t know about their birth rights and powers.  According to data in every six hours young married women is found beaten to death, suffering from pre-marital relationships and pre-marital sex also, and  rough estimation  is 1.4 million women have suffered from domestic abuse according to the report of Office for National Statistics (ONS).


In everyday or every week pregnant women’s are forced for abortion, abortion is very critical process according to law abortion is allowed only on medical advice otherwise you don’t go for this but now husbands forcing his wife to abort her pregnancy.  Even celebrities are not safe in society, south Indian actress was molested by her driver. So don’t say “HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY”.

If you don’t save her so don’t try to hurt…..







Body is incomplete without soul..

Life is incomplete without prayer..b7c8fae25a4227c1863248def3d34fd6

Beauty is near to heart…

Prayer is near to god…

Prayer never goes wrong if your way is right…

If you are not believe in miracle, prayer is not for you…

Prayer is a silent killer to achieve everything in life..

Keep praying until your soul is not satisfied from you…

Prayer is a spiritual path from birth to graveyard…prayer_and_worship
Your life is too short to do bad with yourself, as well as your life is too long to do good with others, so start praying and change the life of other’s as well as yourself also…


Ayurveda said- Food is a medicine


This is Panchakarma- Apply Aloe Vera and olive oil to remove vaat dosh..

India is a land of herbs and spices and we are really blessed we are born in this country, we are surrounded by the most precious gift is given by nature. Ayurveda is the most ancient, effective and old pathy of treatment it started since 1200 years ago in India. In ancient times peoples have used herbs and species to treat any kind of disease because they don’t have any other option for treatment, our body is made from 5 elements like-: Prithvi, Jal, Agni, Vaayu and Akash.



All five elements are present in Ayurved medicines it can treat your body in a natural way. When you eat right kind of  food you don’t want any kind of medicine to get fit. Eat Alsi you get Omega-3  Alsi keep your heart healthy and prevent from heart attack, also eat Tulsi it prevents from every type of cancer, eat lots of nuts and cereals you get omega-6 it nourish your hair and developed your brain functioning. If you are suffering from diabetes take Dal chini powder it can adjust the blood sugar level in your body, coconut oil helps to fight thyroid it control the thyroxin gland.


Can you feel weakness  it can be a symptom of any disease but don’t worry start taking Sweet musli powder it really works can also work on upset immunity system. So many peoples are suffering from insomnia, depression, bacterial infections and infertility and they are so worried if you don’t know how can treat plenty of diseases start taking Ashwagandha Powder it has a huge range of benefits. We consumed food in a form of medicine but we can’t be noticed because we are not aware.


If you don’t have a time or your schedule is so busy or you don’t know what is right to eat, just start taking Aloe vera oil and Anwla oil it is a complete health package it has a huge  benefits it can prevent from all types of chronic diseases it purify your body purify your blood balance all the 7 components of blood. Eat right food at right time….Keep healthy keep fit.




Greeva Basti is an ayurvedic panchakarma therapy it helps in cervical, spondylitis and neck pain…






Entertainment entertainment entertainment







We have a very stressful life, we are so much tensed worried about future, how can we survive? Lots of questions are puzzled in our mind. We are think too much and too much thinking is very dangerous for our health. Everybody wants tension free and stress free life. But we can’t do anything for entertain ourselves. Entertainment gives you pleasure ,relaxation and charm, it grab the attention of audience.

Mode of entertainment :

See entertainment is the most essential part of our life, without fun life is like a pen without ink. People hold the attention of audience from various activities like: Singing, dancing, painting, drama, story telling and so on. You will entertain to others from your talent, show your skills, First entertain yourself then start entertain to others. Entertain yourself like sing a song, dancing, painting do whatever you like.




Music is a good way to release your tension and all worries, music therapy is very helpful for reduce stress, Some people are like old songs some are like new, music gives you mental peace and relaxation. Some are attracted to natural sound like chirping of bird, waterfall. Music therapy is also used in treatment for major disease. Listen your favorite numbers it will be helpful for balance your heartbeat.


Go for a picnic with family, friends and colleagues release your all worries and tension, make a good relationship with them and you can know about their hidden talent. Refresh your mood, think positive and enjoy the company.




Entertainment effect our lives:

We all want entertainment in our life because according to human psychology those person who are entertain more they are more happy and healthy as compare to those who are boring and dull. It affect on our life good way or might be in a bad way. Meaning of entertainment is different for each and every person. Some people’s are like to watching T.V. some are like to expand money for their lifestyle, many people’s are go and feed them to poor people. Children’s are entertain to play games so we can also start playing with them, so it affects, and it really works.  Entertainment release apathy and make your life stress free and jumpy. Meditation is also a kind of entertainment because meditation also keep your mind relax and healthy. So lets’ search other modes of entertainment and make your larger and beautiful.