Journey of Indian music- At a glance

Our life echoes in music, music make you never breaks you, we cannot live without music. When you are in pain you want music to relax, when you want to enjoy you play music on full volume and enjoy dancing so music fresh your mind, body and soul. Music is a best way to express your feelings.

Music is like a lost key of lock. Music journey is so long for we all like music but we don’t know about how much music directors ,singers and we are not forget our lyricists, they are so underrated and they do thankless job. So lets  see the journey of Indian music.

60’s and 70’s-:

Let’s remember the era of 60’s, 70’s that time the language of music is very different people are love to hear pure classical song like raag, thumri, folk, theka etc-: the fragrance of music is so pure and clear. Our music legends are come in bollywood #latamangheshkar, #ashabhosale, #kishorekumar and we can’t forget the diamond of Indian music industry most respected mohammad rafi sahab they all create magic with their voices and we have some talented musicians we had RD Burman, Laxmikant pyarelal, khhyam sahab and so on.




They make a foundation of hindi music and they make a music for ever, we still hear that music. Because without classical music you can’t sing. India is a land of music we have a different different culture of music like rajasthani folk, assami bihu, Bengal is a land which give legends of music like bappi lahiri, @shaan. Bappi lahiri is a king of pop music, he was started pop music.


In 60’s the recording technique is different both the singers are come at same time and then music director start recording and they are record song on live music.  They do such a tuff job for record a song they pass from such a long process, musicians, singers  and lyricists come and sit make a song then start recording.





Then come in 80’s it is a era of bollywood music the demand of classical based music is pretty less, this is a era of #uditnarayan, #kumarsanu, #alkayagnik, kavitakrishnamurthy, #anumalik and god of Indian music a man change the language of music from his dedication, hard-working and intelligence of music Oscar award winner, he is non another Mr. #arrahman they all raise the bar of music industry they make a heartthrob melodies for listeners as well as change the taste of listeners.



Peoples are make fan of melodious voice of alka yagnik amd kavita Krishnamurthy and udit narayan is a king of collier voice people start love him. Anu malik is known for his harsh nature but as a artist he is fantastic, superb. But the rising star of 80’s is A.R. Rahman people are make rahmanholic they start dancing start romancing, crying on his tunes.

90’s and 2000-

Let’s come in 90’s or 2000 the magic of A.R. Rahman, alka yanik, udit narayan and kavita Krishnamurthy is still continues. This is a era of such a beautiful, melodious, talented, consummate, brilliant artists now I introduce some musical gem of Indian music. Shaan is a king of sweet, romantic voice, he is a another gem from Bengal.  #Sonunigam  creates magic in any song he is man of great persona and so down to earth. #Shreyaghoshal beauty of voice, beauty of nature.



#K.K. such a wonderful human being and great artist he is master of high notes. #shankarmahadevan he is famous for his breathless song, he make a milestone in music industry. The list is so long we have so many wonderful artists in this era.  Era is changing so technology is also changed you cannot sit together for recording singers musical instruments are change into digital form. Singer can’t wait for recording. They record song on mobile also. So this is a journey of music at a glance..

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