Fun Activities

Fun means enjoyment, happiness, pleasure, celebration, entertainment. We all are want some fun in our stressful life, do some those type of activities are considered to be fun. Fun activity gives you mental and physical peace. You can do fun activities during your work, with family, with friends. Activities may be differ from situation to situation and person to person.




Let’s see some activities:

For kids:        

Kids are inborn entertainer they are true stress buster they can’t worry about problems, stress. They are enjoyed a lot. If you are in a tension so start playing with kids. But you have to arrange some fun activities for your kids. You can play with their toys play with craft sticks, play small indoor games like “pakdam pakdai”, “Hide and seek” and so on. And as a parent show your love and caring attitude for your child. Sit with your child and draw some figure and tell to him/her try to figure out the name or you can also try name, place, animal thing game it is knowledgeable and easy to understand for your children, through this fun activity child become sharper and intelligent.





For adults:

When adults are meet together so some chit-chat are happens and they try to do fun activities. You can play passing the passing with cushion or any object which is easy to carry and invite more and more players. Playing cards is also a good source of time pass and have fun or you will also ask some crazy questions to your friends or brother and sisters, continue the game until you don’t have a craziest answer. The most common and most funniest game is dumsharas in this game make a team of 4 to 5 players and do action you can express the name of a film to your expressions only and opposite team guess the name of the movie you can also test your ability is your action is really louder than your words??




Try to some new hobbies and sharpen your skills as much as possible , go for a long drive with your loved ones, do something new like sing a  song , painting, dancing, fishing. Whatever you want just do it now don’t worry about right or wrong. Do craziest things like bungee jumping, ride on roller coaster, ride on elephant , skating  and get away your fear.






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