Tips to crack interview questions:

Oh my god today is my interview and I’m so confused what can I do, I am prepared but I am not, if I will not reach on time so I am not selected. “INTERVIEW” is a horrible nightmare for students or for those who going for interview for first time, at the time of interview or before the interview our mind is puzzled with many questions we are panic, angry, confused.


It happens because interview is a important process for getting job. Or if you not getting a job you don’t have money. Everyone has prepared as much as they can, they will do 100% for selection. All are prepared very well but some are selected unfortunately some are not. So what is the exact way to face and crack the interview, lets’ see.




  1. Attire- Your attire should be appealing and attractive don’t wear goddy or dark color of clothes in interview, choose bright colors for interview because color speaks about your psychology and every colour has a different meaning. If company is not mentioned about the attire so you can wear jeans or shirt/t-shirt it doesn’t matter if company give some dress code so take care about the dress, your dress must be properly ironed, hair must be short and properly gelled back. Choose your shoes according to your dress, if you wear sports shoes so don’t wear heavy looking or don’t have so much lace pattern.


  1. Body language- Body language speak so much about you, try to maintain eye contact from interviewer sit straight at chair, don’t move your shoulder hand or head unnecessary it give a very bad impression. If you explain any answer so use your hands to explain your answer it show your confidence, don’t blink your eyes or don’t break the eye contact if you do this it means your self esteem is very low. Don’t shake or bend your legs it looks very pathetic.



  1. Take permission- If you enter in a room first ask permission Can I come madam or sir, It show your manners, before start the interview give permission to sit, If you want to drink water and a glass of water is kept on the table so don’t take the glass and start drinking water because interviewer is busy in asking questions or you suddenly start drinking water so it is a disrespect of interviewer. First say I want to drink water they will permit you.


  1. Question and answers- The most important and major part of interview is Q&A. Be prepare yourself physically and mentally, first of all listen the question very carefully then you will give the answer.mtg.difficult.jpg Your answers must be short and to the point, don’t confused to interviewer, if any question is raised to you and the question is about your interest and you very well know about it so on that time you will give wrong answer interviewer have to believe in you because they don’t know the answer so take the advantage, and your chances are increase to select in interview but be careful some interviewer are smart and they caught you and the most important tip by chance if you don’t know the answer of any question so don’t sit with blank face, you can say can you please give me some time to think the answer of this question they will permit you, this will show your effort how much effort you do for think about the answer.



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