How can boost inner confidence:

In this blog I am going to tell you how can you boost your confidence, so read it and start  and start implement from today. Actually I see so many people in day to day life they have very low confidence or low self esteem or they don’t have a confidence to express their feelings or emotions as well as they can’t maintain an eye contact while talking or greeting from anyone.


Some people are hesitate in front of public or in between some kind of a person but some are hesitate in front of everyone they always fail to express their feelings in front of everyone. These kind of people are very shy, introvert, they are not open up, they like to live alone. But it doesn’t mean they are ill or mentally disturbed the kind of personality is different they are very creative, intelligent, smart, mentally strong. Those persons have low self esteem or low confidence generally they are start compare ourselves from others and they develop a inferiority complex within a mind. So they make different types of thinking in their mind, sometimes they go to materialistic world, they think others are good they are bad or useless they lost their own identity because they influence by others.At the early age of child, parents are want to know about the inner confidence of their child, actually this is a duty of parents they have to know about the activity of their child but nowadays parents are not do their duty, they completely depend on school, see if you track the problem of your child so it can cure easily.


If your child have a problem of low self esteem so everyone will take a advantage of your child until you not care of them. So let’s see how can boost inner confidence.

First talk to your child as a friend not as a parent try to identify the root cause of a problem, if problem is too much so go to good professional counselor don’t go to anywhere else. Then I will suggest you some best possible effective methods to boost low self esteem, it is a sure shot method..


Change the atmosphere of your home create a healthy and friendly atmosphere for your child because of this he/she open up in front of you, get yourself away from fear and  develop a habit to speak in front of public, second is start meditation because meditation give you mental piece as well as negativity should go from your mind, conscious mind will calm down, start doing yoga or some pranayam like- Kapalbhati, Bhramri, Bhastrika it freshen up your body, mind and soul and start chanting Om. You will get positive results within a month.





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