Is it important to take placement from college, not really…

Our struggle starts from searching a good college for graduation or post graduation whatever you want to do, finally you find a list of good colleges and you choose best college for you, according to your grades, then you check all the parameters like infrastructure, list of professors, how many students are come in merit, placement record and so on…


Finally you take the admission and start going, from the day one every is going to feed in your mind you will get placement only from this college, and you will say yes sir, yes madam your friends are going to prepare for placements and you also. But in my case I am not getting placements from my college is it shocking but it’s true, because my interest is different I sit in placement interviews I take six interviews and I selected for three companies three is good enough after all you go for any one company ,but I reject all of three, because still I can’t find the company that I want, I don’t choose the company that college wants to me go.


I choose the company of my interest because I believe I can crack any interview apart from my placement interviews, I know chunks of students depend upon college for placements because they have fear if they are not placed from college so nobody wants to give job, if they are not placed from college so they feel insulted etc, etc-: And they also think college will support us to get placement. The reason behind of this thinking is professors, friends last but not least parents. Because  everyone can feed these negative affirmations in their mind, professors told if you not placed from college you will get in trouble we are suspend you, friends told you are mad why you are not get placement from college if you are not getting placement from college your whole career must be spoiled, parents told dear if you not get placement from college we will insult in front of our family, friends, and so called society. So sometimes students are forcibly go to  placements. I am not getting placement from college but I got job the good thing is I got job from my choice I enjoy my work, I am a digital marketer, blogger. So my concern is don’t depend upon college for placements develop your inner confidence and knowledge. See my next blog, How can boost inner confidence?… I am going to update very soon.. Thank you for your time and patience…


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