How to make money

Greetings for all viewers, I am back after a span of time, Today I want to tell you how to make money from home, we are living in a era of digital media, internet marketing, online shopping we are surrounded by mobile, laptops, tablet and so on. But we don’t know we have a huge source of income because we can’t aware and nobody will teach us, because our point of view is only entertainment, chatting, watching videos, upload and download images but now it’s a time to change the Point Of View…



We can earn a huge income through online shopping websites, amazon give you the opportunity to earn a huge income through affiliate marketing, make a account on shopping sites and register for AFFILATE MARKETING they will give you a URL so you can use this url at the time of purchasing and you can share this url with your family, friends, colleagues and tell them use this url at the time of purchasing so if visitors are increased at your blog your earning will be started soon.

affiliate marketing.jpg

Another simple source of income is google Adsense I’m sure many of them are familiar with this term but only few are know about this, each and every person have a account on google google give you a facility to earn money from google itself, make a free blog or website with the help of blogger/ wordpress/weebly, if you have good writing skills or you have some knowledge so blogging is a best platform to show your knowledge if you have a good number of visitors and blogs at your blog or site so google give you permission to post advertisement at your blog or site and google pay for you.

So, they are good and huge source of income for housewives, students and for jobless peoples….So grab the opportunity and start earning….




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