Women in dark



Hello viewers, I hope you all are well I am back with my new article on this auspicious occasion of International women’s day.

Women’s are mirror of our society there is no definition to describe a women, because they are undefined, unusual , extraordinary and so on.  But nowadays meaning is changed they are helpless, sad, pitiful. Oh! Suddenly you think what I am saying ,but this is truth. She is a symbol of light but she is in dark, they understand everything but she is quiet. Words are insufficient to explain how they suffer.


I don’t think today is a “HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY” because nobody can see the dark side of women  they hide their tears they can’t express her sadness so everybody can thought wow she is so happy and her life is perfect. But they have suffer more than any one else , they are molested, raped, teased by near ones, because of illiteracy and narrow minded thinking.  Women’s are the best creation of god but they won’t be able to create our own world, they don’t know about their birth rights and powers.  According to data in every six hours young married women is found beaten to death, suffering from pre-marital relationships and pre-marital sex also, and  rough estimation  is 1.4 million women have suffered from domestic abuse according to the report of Office for National Statistics (ONS).


In everyday or every week pregnant women’s are forced for abortion, abortion is very critical process according to law abortion is allowed only on medical advice otherwise you don’t go for this but now husbands forcing his wife to abort her pregnancy.  Even celebrities are not safe in society, south Indian actress was molested by her driver. So don’t say “HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY”.

If you don’t save her so don’t try to hurt…..





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      1. Not a question. . When it was international women’s day I found that I couldn’t bring myself to put happy in front of the women’s international day. We still have a lob5 way to say women are happy with the state of the world , how we are treated etc.. hope this makes more sense


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