Do’s and dont’s in front of your kids

As a parent you must know about do’s and dont’s in front of your kids. First of all give some moral values to your children like how to give respect, how to behave in a manner, never give up attitude, how can tackle difficult situation  also give some religious values. Because this is a foundation of our life. Kids are like a empty wall as a parent this is your responsibility what can you delivered to your child if you paint this wall from  colors so your child become a good and valuable person if you hammered a nail on this wall so your child is not being a good person.





(0-6 years) Spend time with your children because children wants special attention fr
om your side and they want extra care. (6years and above)  If they are go to school, college or coaching so discuss about the problems and try to solve it also discussed about what is your schedule, how life is going on and behave like a friend because teenager are liked it. Don’t hesitate to talk about the relationships because if they going to wrong direction, so you can rectify it, because you are experienced. things-you-shouldnt-do-in-front-of-your-kids-1-size-3

And do something special for your children like if they look back after 25 to 30 years so they had a good memories to remember you.






Don’t fight with your wife in front of your kids, never do this, it gives a very bad impression on your child. If you have a drinking or smoking habit so don’t do at home, this is your bad habit so leave it as soon as possible because it delivers a wrong  message to your children and they are definitely affected. 84-parentsfighting-1024x538 Please Don’t use abusive language it may be harmful or very pathetic. Don’ tell lies to your children like we are so rich, classy we have a huge bank balance we don’t have any problem never do this, don’t make fool, don’t run away from your problems & responsibilities and face the reality.



Be like a responsible parent understand the mindset of your children don’t be panic, try to  figure out the problem of your child, guide them properly. Take care of your child, and be a best parent. I request to all parents share your views and your personal experiences regarding this topic.







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