Today’s women- A Revolution


Women’s are empowered as well as equal to men, they are bow of development, India is a women oriented country. They are able to manage problems, risk and they have to control everything. Nowadays women’s are pioneer in our society. A women is girl, mother, wife, sister he is playing multiple role in her life, that’s why she is a symbol of  Goddess “Durga”. Women is a symbol of hard work, hope, love, light and so on. Hard work gives you strength you know your ability, hope gives you positive thinking you can do something in your life, love gives you kindness and gratitude, light gives you energy. We can’t express the greatness of women in words.


The most famous quote is “If you educate girl, you educate whole society”. The latest example of revolutionary women is Bollywood soothing voice named as Palak Mucchal.  Palak and his brother palash mucchal they both are run a campaign for those childrens are suffering from kidney disease and heart disease those who are very poor and they are not financially able to do treatment. She sacrifies her childhood for poor children’s she is really angel for kids and recently she saved 1000 poor kids from heartache and she was started from Indore. And palak Mucchal is the perfect example for “If you educate girl, you educate whole society”.


Women’s are immensely talented and intelligent they can do everything they are perfect in every field like in politics, Bollywood, economics, corporate sector and many more. Late Jaylalitha is the most refreshing example of   talent  and intelligence she was played each and every role in her life, she is set an example of humanity.




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