Coffee will quench our thirst from the decade it is the most famous and easy to available drink.  Netherlands, Finland and Norway are top in coffee consumption, coffee give you a kick start and make a refreshing day, so you can say coffee near me, many relationships starts with a coffee and go stronger and sweeter like coffee, so you can say coffee is near to my heart… Coffee is comeback in world of health, it contains a huge antioxidant and nutrients, can also improve energy level balance as well as the components of blood, it can also improve functions of brain it makes you smarter and healthier, it make your face shiny like a sun ,make a coffee scrub mix with coconut oil and apply on your face it regenerates your skin cells and increase the blood flow, so you can say coffee near to my beauty. Caffeine can stimulates to nervous system and helps to get lean body, it can also boost metabolic rate from 3 to 11%. It also helps in reduce type 2 diabetes, caffeine is a very good source of insulin it helps to make insulin in your body, a cup of coffee contains tiny doses of calcium for strong bones and potassium and keep your heart healthy. According to Harvard Medical School found that drinking coffee might reduce your risk of liver cancer by 50 percent compared to people who don’t drink coffee. The compounds in coffee might also reduce your risk of colon, breast and rectal cancer. You can say coffee near to my health. Lots of desserts are made from coffee and chocolate this is the most mouth-watering  and heartthrob stuff so you can say coffee near to my taste. Make coffee is cup of your tea.


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