We are already suffering with lots of problems, but nowadays a new issue is on heat up called racism, it happens with anyone, anywhere,  “We all are trapped from castisism, language, appearance, height, and untouchability only we are responsible for dividiation of humanity, why judge to anybody on castisism ? I completely disagree with this, I just touch this point of for an example”. India is known for united we stand but we are divided in small pieces, there is no unity in Indians.  Attention please! common man and celebs all are facing this problem, recently I read the news Serena Williams nephew and parched actress Tanisha Chatterjee are  also facing the same, this is very shameful for everyone. People start bullying or insulting to others and the consequences of racism is beyond our thinking. People are very obsessed to black color, even many peoples are hesitate to shake hand, talk to them, they don’t like feed with them and so on. It’s time to break a buttoned-down mentality,even god can’t make the difference between white and black, so how we can.  In my opinion black is the brightest color, it shows the power and  control. Blackboard makes you brighter and knowledgeable so why are you hate from black color.




19 thoughts on “Racism….

  1. When you ask a small child why they don’t like someone, it will be inevitably because they have a special toy, or maybe they like another because they give great hugs. They never comment on colour of skin. I’m a nursery teacher. I work with mixed groups of pupils every day. That colour obsession arrives afterwards…. And is taught by those around them. A child is born full of innocence… We marr that innocence. It’s us that needs to stop, think before we speak, so we don’t give the next generation the same prejudices that we may have been brought up with.


    1. That’s true, but prejudges are always made, we are not able to surfive whitout them. That doesn’t say they are always good. But by making this such a big thing there are a lot of white people discriminated instead of black people, that doesn’t make it any better, it ony makes it worse. If I have a fight whit a black person, a lot of people call me racist, evne though I didn’t even started the fight. I get angry because of that. And I know a lot of people who are going to act lik a racist, because of that. So than it doesn’t really makes it better. But a lot of people don’t look at that.

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  2. You chose the best line to wind-up your article.👍
    Black color is an obsession for many people, but until it’s objects they are talking about. When it comes to human’s skin color, black turns from an obsession to an apathetic mania.
    There’s hypocricy in human race, we are born with it but we can throw away what we don’t like (not literally). Don’t we dump our old clothes then why can’t we dump our rotten obsession to human’s complexion?
    Do it. Do it before you become an epitome of hypocrisy and of course, disgust.


    1. Ther is only this little problem, that it’s not possible to wipe out racism. Right now a lot of people try it, but that make that people are going to discriminate white people instead of black. And that is as bad as it was. Only less people really want to see it. Mostly I’m really positive, but people will always prejudge, you can’t change that no matter how hard you try.

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  3. HI! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on positive psychology. I’m glad you liked it. Positive psychology changed my life very much for the better. Certainly racism is a big problem to bite into. Good luck with your blog!


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