Grrr…..Why do people interrupt others?


Some are intentionally interrupt and some are communicating in the way they are interrupt you, the reason behind interruption is people are like you, they want to talk to you, meet you, but you can’t interested, instead of that they are always try to meet you and they are find any topic of your interest and he/she is plan for a meeting, if you are ignore that person so they start more interruption, they  are send you text messages, videos do some irritating things, they spend unnecessary energy on you but it doesn’t mean anything, and you jaded because the behavior of the person is not tolerable, not acceptable it can be painfully irritating uuuhhh! And if you don’t give any response so they make impatient Aaaaahh,this is very awful. Sometimes the reason of interruption is may be anger, frustration, loneliness, time pressures. They want new friend for friendship because they feel lonely but they can’t speak out. So try to understand the person why he/she is doing such type of things, or they are expect you something that’s why they are pressurize you, anyway. Interruption is not always dangerous it may vary from person to person or situation to situation. Generally people don’t have a any kind of work  so they  are eager to know about other’s life.



  1. Talk to your loved ones and tell them, because they are best one to solve your problem.
  2. Try to solve the problem to from yourself use common sense and find out the solution.
  3. Don’t hurt the person who annoying you because it can be more dangerous sometimes. Talk to the concern person and understand the mindset.  Stop irritate other’s……..

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