How can society see any girl or a guy, this blog is all about…


I will raise a most hot topic, actually this is not a topic this is a book in itself, haha jokes apart. See generally peoples are so much interested in talking about character of any girl,you can easily found these type of people in train,buses,parties,colonies. Those people’s are very expert to judge a character of any girl, I think government of India should appoint these people’s for a better judgement like who is terrorist, who will be the next prime minister, because they will judge a character of a girl so they can judge everything na….if any girl is coming out of a guy’s house so the whole society think, oh my god this girl is so character less you know (start chating on whatsapp, fb and suddenly you see a weird reactions) without knowing anything they understand everything and  they give a tag of characterless (Are ham tho usko bada accha samjhte the ye tho us type ki ladki nikli, naam kharab kar diya) if any girl talk to a guy, people start thinking about wrong intentions… like they are boyfriend, girlfriend or something is wrong happening is between these two..if any boy or a girl in a “true love” this is not a wrong. If any girl wear a short dress so people can immediately judge a character of a girl, if any girl wear a Indian outfit like saree, suit or lehenga so, omg this girl is so beautiful you know, she is so nice, very pretty etc etc etc…but remember one thing, sex workers are well properly dress up in a Indian dress not in a western dress (I am talking about India) they always wear a saree and suit, so how can you judge a character from a Western or Indian outfit????? And if any girl drink, smoke or chewed any type of mouth freshner or paan,so anyone can think this girl can do everything everything means everything, actually here everything is a complete sentence in itself it defines the whole Orthodox thinking…But no one can raise a question to boy’s character, boy’s can do anything, they are like a “pen without cap” they can easily molest of any girl, if they had any physical relationship or any bad habits before marriage or after marriage,no one can bother about it because he is a boy they have a license to do any unethical or unlawful things , if any guy is coming out from a girl’s house, society think wow what a dude, you are real man, tune kar dikhaya…This is very shameful for us, still we are live in discrimination.

 Solution-: There is no any specific solution of this problem, stop discrimination and change the feminist mentality….

2 thoughts on “How can society see any girl or a guy, this blog is all about…

  1. Unfortunately we got freedom long back, but our minds are still shackled with those Orthodox thoughts and overly-conservative cum low mindset.
    A very important thought I missed in my article, which you kind of mentioned in yours is – marital rape. This issue is long pending and should be brought under consideration.
    Yours is a well tried attempt to highlight the chauvinism of the liberated country with manacled minds.👍

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