Stop judging other’s


Despite make change in itself we start judge others, when we feel low, depressed, frustrate then we start blame ourselves go into freeze mode and suddenly we feel like a gregarious person, and according to psychologist we feel like a ignored and inferior person. then we start judge others,because we think we are not enough able to do anything, we don’t feel good about appearance,  weight, face and body. Because we think other’s are more important,they are awesome,better than me. ignore it this is all state of mind nothing else. Judgement is a natural aspect, but before you judge to other’s look at yourself you are enough to be judge other’s or not??


Accept yourself as a most beautiful, smart and talented person of the universe, start scrutinize your good habits, when you start feel good about himself so there are less chance to judge others.When you are judge to any person so look the positive side or look for basic goodness, and learn some good values from a person. Feel good about him/her, forget about negative side.




3 thoughts on “Stop judging other’s

  1. So true.. I really appreciate for taking this point forward. In this today’s fast forward life, people are ready for so many negative comments about a girl which is judged on her wardrobe without knowing her character. People should change their thinking and mentality n this would only be possible when they start speaking good about our indian girls

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