Sochne waali baat hai..


My first blog dedicated to all females..


  1. Short dresses are definitely not a reason of rape-: If short dresses are a reason of rape so why rapes are happened in villages, small town or tehsil because nobody can wear small clothes in these areas, this is a completely orthodox thinking, “Short dresses are not a invitation for rape” this is just a normal Western wear. Try to understand, those people have Orthodox thinking, I think the brain of those peoples are kept in museum.

      2. Bad thinking-: This is all about a sick and bad thinking, everything is depend on your understanding what kind of person you are. If you think good about any girl or women so you will respect her but, if your thinking is lousy so you will definitely do any shameless thing, even marital rapes are rapidly increased in India, and in that condition you can’t find out it is love or lust, you can treat your wife like a slut.

     3. She is not a toy for him-: Some immoral guys are think girls are a toy for him and they start playing with her they can start tampering or molesting, molestation cases are thoroughly increased specially in India, if any boy or man is trying to accost to any girl or women so, each and every girl and women should have a right to kill the criminal, because government can’t do anything and they are not able, because of this bloody law system. And capital punishment is never going to start in India, so this is a best option. Either I am wrong or right.

I also shared some safety tips in my next blog….Read it.



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