Lack of education is the reason of unemployment


Hundreds and thousands of people are graduate or postgraduate every year, there are lots of freshers in India they are unemployed, and we have a lots of jobs in every field like engineering, medical, pharmacy, e-commerce and so on. But the problem is we don’t have a knowledgeable and well skilled employees in India. Students are not that much able to do any job, because they don’t know about practical knowledge they can rely on bookish knowledge. We have a bit of good students either they have very good job or either they migrate to foreign countries. I know you all are remember the dialogue of 3 idiots, but no one can implement it. Students  are complete school or college and they attract to temporary jobs like call centers and on and on, they not complete higher studies.  In some companies,employees are not properly trained, they are headache for a company ,company can bear heavy cost of training.



Solution is present in itself only if you don’t focus on proper studies, nobody can give you a job.


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