How can overcome embarrassment when you don’t speak English in public place or in social gatherings…


When anyone can start speak in English in parties or in office meetings and we can’t, so we feel embarrassed, shamed even frustrated. We start cut off to peoples and we feel shy to go in social gatherings  we might make a fool themselves. You should figure out the reason why you feel shy and overcome it, this all about a human psychology try to identify your thoughts before you speak. Simply you don’t have a necessary vocabulary to express yourself, next problem is pronunciation you’re scared of pronouncing a word wrong, because you don’t know a right accent.

How do you overcome fear-:embarrassment-2-240x300

Join english speaking classes, take a hindi to english dictionary and increase your vocab as well as your pronunciation. To increase your confidence start speak in front of mirror just speak loudly forget about grammatical mistakes and sentence formation, overcome your fear and shyness,boost up your confidence. Talk to yourself speak to yourself, answer yourself, dispute the answer, convince yourself. Record the whole conversation for betterment of yourself and know about your weak areas.  When you speak English and you feel low or shy, so give a beautiful smile and maintain eye contact with the other person. Because a smile to a stranger can make you forget about mistakes.




2 thoughts on “How can overcome embarrassment when you don’t speak English in public place or in social gatherings…

  1. It’s hard, with a new language, getting past the fear of speaking it badly. Years ago, when I was first learning Spanish and was shy about speaking it, I heard a Chinese man in New York talking broken Spanish with a Puerto Rican man. Neither of them seemed embarrassed and I realized it wasn’t about being perfect, it was about communicating. And they were communicating.


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