World’s most biggest and foremost problem is EXPECTATION,  why you are expect someone for something,  The day when you start expecting you got nothing, but when you stop expecting so you got everything, mark my words, this is my personal experience.  Expectation is a root cause of every problem, if you expect something and because of some reason you don’t have so you feel worried, stressed, frustrated. Emotions and behavior is not in your control.  Listen my friend you are infinite in yourself and you are complete in itself to fulfil your all wishes and desire  so why you are expecting from someone no need to do this. “Aapne kisi ke liye kuch kiya vo aapki iccha ya  aap apni khushi se kisi ke liye kuch kar rahe ho, ab aap usse bhi ye hi same chiz expect kar rahe ho tho ye tho galat hai”.


The only solution of the problem is change your mindset,keep calm and start meditation…



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