Early maturity


Early manhood is also a biggest problem for parents, Maturity can be defined to as the development of spiritual, intellectual, emotional understanding of an individual. See maturity come with time and age,boys and girls change into man and women they becomes taller and stronger, they become more independent. They can understand small small things and behave like a mature person because they are actually mature, but earlier generation kids are not kids they are something else, with the onset of satellite television, internet, smartphones kids are bombarded with unwanted stuffs.Generally  kids are asked some unwanted or irrelevant questions suddenly you shocked OMG!! what is this? Kids rock and you shocked, they are glued to adult stuffs and videos and many times it can be more dangerous for parents and children…cellphones, internet are a cause of unwanted questions. According to data kids and teens 8 to 18 years spend nearly 4 hours a day in front of a TV screen and almost 2 additional hours on the computer (outside of schoolwork) and playing video games, nowadays video games and apps are also come with explicit content.


Watch your kids on regular basis, plan a picnic at local park,spend time with them,play with them, give lots of moral values, teach some new outdoor and indoor games, teach how to play with dough because kids are love to play dough, if they do any irrelevant things on internet like searching porn, how can start relationships, smoking and drinking and so on. Don’t over react it and don’t start beating because child are sensitive and simple they won’t understand the complexity of an adult world.

Update your child with new technology but in a limit….




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